How can I create a blog?

I have tried too search the forums and KB but I have not been successful - can I easily and in a straightforward manner create a blog within BLOCS or do I need additional products?

I have NOT yet purchased BLOCS.

Thank you.

There is no support for blogs in BLOCS. You can make a website with links to a separate blogging system.

If what you’re looking for is a place to post articles and allow for comments, that is totally doable on Blocs… and much easier than WordPress.

Perhaps you can explain more?

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Yes, me too! :+1:

O have done it with “Blogger” then create an HTML iframe and then it will update automatically.

This is a solution suggested for other web development systems that I’ve seen and for many people it’s a good solution. I really think it’s an inferior solution for a blog simply because the blogging system will be operating in a screen box and unable to adjust to the content or the browser size and scroll in relation to the page as a whole.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

I really hope you can take the time to explain how you go about this. I’d love to know and right now I can’t see how it can easily be done with blocsapp without just hosting a blog engine inside a div or iframe.

Please tell us!

I am not sure what you wanna do but you can see a blog I did with Blocs at

I edit this directly in Blocs. If you need to be able to edit from a browser you may wish to look at a CMS that is supported by Blocs (there are several). Also, I have no discussion areas implemented for any of the posts, but if you want that have a look at the Disqus Widget bric.

Thanks, Scottin.

I think - as you say - creating a blog-type site is perfectly possible in blocs, but I think most people think of blogs as places where people can leave comments with dated posts etc that may or may not be moderated etc.

Thank you for explaining your blog implementation. I still think the best way to have a full-feature blog is to link to a true blogging system, but your suggestion is great if the comment facility isn’t required.

As I mentioned above… Disqus does comments.

Thanks Scottin. I’ve learned something new - it does look like it can make blocsapp a viable blog platform.

Thank you.

Hello @pauland please check the following site that I had made and use an HTML iframe with “Blogger” and it responds to different screens and systems.

Nice site.
I guess you mean the ‘news’ section.

I’m not a fan of blogs ‘in a box’. The page doesn’t expand to present the blog content without a scrollbar.

Loads of people present blogs like that. I just think a link to the blogger platform itself is a better way.

If it works for you, that’s great.


Thank you @pauland
I’m creating a new site, using the instructions from this site and it works. stackoverflow
I try the (frameBorder=“0”) and works.
I try the (frameBorder=“0” scrolling=“no”) and also works.
When I finish the blog I can put here so you see the final result, and make your comments to help me “upgrading” what is not correct, if you don’t mind.
I’m new with blocs so I need all the help that all of you can give me.

Just a comment on the design. The White text on absolute black makes for a very high-contrast website.

I find it a bit overpowering.

Check out the comments on mistake#3 regarding reverse text (ie white on black).

I’d just dial back the contrast a little - a less pure black, a less pure white, etc.

Ironically, I used almost exactly your colour choices for an iPhone/iPad app some years ago. These days that black would probably be a dark grey.

What do you think about these colors?

And about my last post? is it helpful the link for the iframe(less) ?

Nice article, always helpful advice.


Those colours are an improvement.

You misunderstand my comment about a blog in a box. By a box, I mean an area defined by blocsap into which the blog must fit. If the blog is too large then you get scrollbars inside the box. This is an inferior solution compared to having a blog site where the scrolling for the page is used, not scrolling in a box.

I wasn’t talking about a visual box, but a spatial one.

@pauland > @ScottinPollock – I’d argue that adding Disqus comment “bric” components does not really make a blog. It simply allows comments; that’s not all it takes to be a blog.

Even though it does sound like a good/easy way to allow comments, a bit of research reveals some attributes of Disqus that would certainly keep me from ever using it or recommending it.

For starters, the free service uses ads. Moreover, it requires signing up to comment. AND (this really kills me) it collects users’ browser habits and sells the data! Geez! (All this accoring to Wikipedia.)

I’m no WordPress fan, but if you really want a self-hosted blog, the features it offers are what you’ll need. (Or, less supported, but real blog software nonetheless, Joomla or Drupal.) You can use Blocs to create your own theme if you’re a bit of a coder. (So I guess that divides the field somewhat, but Blocs does have a lot of appeal, so they say, even to coders.)

Just sayin’ . . .