How can I insert code directly after <body> - tag?


I would like to include this side panel in a project:

But when I try it via a HTML-widget the sidepanel does not appears like in the demo on the side and is also not fixed. Does anybody have an idea for me how to integrate it correctly?

Thank you in advance

This looks nice is it possible in Blocs?

That’s exactly my question. The code must be inserted directly after the <body> “opener”, but I do not know how to place it in Blocs there

Hey @Norm can you give me a tip maybe? :wink:

Page settings has an extra code input area.

You may also be interested in services such as AddThis , ShareThis , AddToAny , etc., most of which have simple setups, documented instructions, offer various customizations and advanced features. I believe all are free or offer a free version. You would implement those via the HTML Widget Bric and Page Settings also.

in this case this a “missing thing” … because the Page Settings has only these options:

  1. HEADER >> this is what happened before
  2. FOOTER >> this is what happened before and
  3. >> this is what happened before anything else

in my case i need a place directly on top of the opening go the

And i think this can be only managed via manual edit after the project is exported - correct?

mhm :roll_eyes: where should i add the HTML Widget to place it directly after the tag?