How can I link

I have a site at: . It is a single page site based on a template.

I have page at:

I wish to add a menu item a the top of to open in its own window

Given that this is a one page site with an added on page

  1. What is the best way to add the page
  2. How should I handle the menus on the privacy page


  1. If you want to add Privacy page to navigation menu, just click on one of the menu items, duplicate it by pressing command + D, then rename it to Privacy (or what you want), and link it to another page in the sidebar. (In your case, to Privacy page)

  2. I suggest you create the separate menu for Privacy page by duplicating the navigation and moving it into the middle dynamic area. Then, instead of just ‘scroll to target links’, create links to index page + anchors (using the #). Don’t forget to disable the top global area with the regular navigation.

I hope it makes sense.


That solves it Thanks!