How do I create a gallery effect?

So I was scrolling through the “Built with Blocs” topic and I stumbled across this website ( ) in the forum ( The website is made by @noahbenjamin ). On the website, there is a section where you can see some of their books in a nicely displayed layout.

This is what I am referring to:

In this section, the book covers that your mouse hovers over zooms in. Also, at the bottom (before the ‘Explore More Books’ button) there is a little section that allows you to change the section of books you are looking at.

This is what I am referring to:

I am just wanting to know how this effect can be done. I have a client that has a little online book library and when I saw this, I thought that it would be a cool effect to add to their website.

Thanks in advance.

It appears they used nanogallery2:

Which you can found more about via the following links:

Follow the required setup and usage instructions provided on the above links. Then in Blocs use the following features to implement it …

Hope that helps your efforts.

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Great, Thanks…

Ill take a look into it.