How Do I Create A Menu Like This With Dropdown?

Guys how do I make this menu with dropdown option as well?

Depends, are you using the Menu Manager or not?

If you are not, then you select the menu item you want to be a drop down, and set the interactive to “Open Dropdown”, it will then create a drop down menu.

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 2.02.07 AM


wow thanks, you always respond to the posts. I think myself and the community owes you a lot

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I have created a sort of mega menu and wanna have drop down within it I guess this method you shared is gonna work better or I should try menu manager

Well I have no idea how you have created the menu, and if you’re using the nav bric or not. But there is a drop down button bric. We can only guess without actually knowing how you have made anything.

I made it based on this one but when I add drop downs it gets cut buy the next brick