How do i get this script (code) to work on my website


I’m using Blocs V4.5.3
i have this code that i need to upload to my website, anyone here can shed some light on how to make it work.

< script
src=“” >

I really appreciate the help.

Thank you!

Place it either in the page footer or if you need it site wide use the project footer.

Several ways to get to the input zone for this, here is one

Hello there,

Thank you for your reply, i followed the steps you sent, but when i preview my site i don’t see the widget,
do i need to do anything else for the script to work?

Is that all they gave you? You should be contacting them for support

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That code is simply giving your page access to a piece of remote javascript. You will also need something to display on the page. That something will need the javascript to display correctly on the page. Therefore, you should also have another piece of code that you can embed into your page through a code bric. That code bric would be placed where you want the object to appear.


I appreciate all the help, but this is just foreign language for me :frowning_face:
What is a code bric?

It’s a built in bric in blocs where you add code.

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code widget?? i tried that it didnt work :frowning: