How do I publish my website NEED A STEP BY STEP GUIDE (cPanel and FTP)

Dear Blocs community.

I am not a web developer, have no knowledge of any web stuff. I’m trying to create a website for myself that I can easily control and update myself without any outside assistance.

I need a literal step-by-step guide how to publish a website from the moment I export the site in Blocs on. If you bother to try and help me, please explain everything step by step, including how to do FTP, manage subdomains, etc.

I have been trying to use FileZilla and Cyberduck to upload the exported files to CPanel but It gives me error 403 and displays " Index of / date created etc. " I checked all permissions and they are at 640/755 as they are supposed to be. I have also tried disassembling folders but that doesn’t help either.

Thank you in advance.

Hello I can do that if you want…

When you create your domain/hosting account they give you the access to your cPanel.
With those credentials you can open the cPanel but you can use them as well to access by FTP to your /home folder.

Then in the FTP software I will explain you in Flow that is the one that I use:
In the bottom on the left side you will find a + sign and choose New Bookmark:



Then you have to fill in like this:

And press Add Bookmark

Then on the left side you choose the bookmark that you created and press connect on the right side in the bottom.

After that you have all the tree from the /home folder.


Then after you export the site from Blocs, in Flow you open the folder PUBLIC_HTML and just drag and drop all the files from the export to the PUBLIC_HTML folder, then you will see all the files being uploaded to your server/host.

And Thats it.


You go to cPanel:

Choose Subdomains, and create the subdomain:

Of course my domain is webtekpc but yours will be something else.

After this, you go to Flow again, and instead of using the PUBLIC_HTML in the /home, you will find a folder and then you can do as I explain on top to drag and drop the files from your export from blocs to that folder.

And now you have everything.

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I’ll see what I can do with these instructions and let you know if anything has worked. Thanks.

I have downloaded forklift (similar to flow) and trying to connect. I get “ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer”. Do you by any chance know what that is and how to fix it? Thanks a lot!

Is it FTP or SFTP (secure, you need a key / certificate)? It is not my daily work but I setup CyberDuck for SFTP. Will try to think with you.

You should have connection requirements, such as the upload path and ports from your web host. Check those against what you have in the FTP client. If needs be go back to them to ask what is wrong.

It’s worth adding that FTP configurations appear to have become more fiddly in the last couple of years, especially with the move towards SFTP. I recently changed web host and had major difficulties connecting to add-on domains using Forklift, but it worked first time with Yummy. On a different server I couldn’t connect with Yummy, but never a problem with Fetch. If your settings are correct and it’s not working, try a different client.


Go to your cPanel:

Then choose FTP Accounts,

Then in the right side choose Configure FTP Client:

Then Voila you have everything that you need even all the configurations files that interact directly for the different softwares…

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Wow @Pealco - that’s a lot of work you’ve done there brother - this forum rocks

Thanks a lot guys. Have a great weekend everyone. I had to create a public html folder and dump everything there. Now it loads, but the elements are all messed up and the images don’t show. Now it’s time to take care of that. Once again, if anyone can help with that it would be greatly appreciated.

You shouldn’t have to create a public_html folder. It should already be there and if you didn’t see it I suspect you have gone to the wrong path. Not all servers are the same, so I would check with your web host for clarification.

Thanks @highlander I like when I ask for help to get help, so I do the same to others when I know the answers. And yes I like very much this forum…

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The site is messed up. Has anyone ever had this?

At a guess you are not linking to content in the right place. If you have a page url we might be able to see from the code what is going on. If you are really struggling with this I think cPanel allows you to upload content via the file manager

Hello @el_chino that occurs because of the redirections.
In cPanel you have to redirect to the correct folder.

Thanks again guys. Though still isn’t working. I suggest you don’t waste any more of your time on my questions. If I figure it out I will post.

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