How do I put a caption on EACH of the slides of a carousel?

Hello, newbie here,

Using the latest version as of October 2017.

I am replacing a site with another developed with Blocs. The original site’s distinctive home page has a carousel of three images (See example attached). Each image has a caption, located on the upper right, no margins from top. The captions are nicely formatted (title, separating line, text below).

So, dropping a carousel was easy :slight_smile: The slides even contain a container near the top, which says “EMPTY” inside, so I thought that it was just a matter of editing that container… I can click on it and it gets (almost?) selected, but not really. The editing controls don’t show up. Is that “caption” even editable? If so, HOW? :slight_smile:

My problem is putting a text container INSIDE EACH SLIDE. I am almost certain it has something to do with creating a class, but doing it is a mystery so far.

Can you help me? It will be appreciated.


There’s a row element in every carousel. If you click on the carousel in your right side editor you should be able to access each slide. Each slide has a little row element where you can add text for example. You can edit with creating a class and adjust the position from there. You can go in drop mode and drop for e.g. an h1, h2 etc element on the row of the carousel. I worked countless hours with it recently and start liking it really, 100% if the bugs are fixed, I found quite a few. Big ups to the developers.

Thanks you, Superphilly, that pointed me in the right direction! Hugely appreciated :slight_smile:
I am now fighting with trying to style the container with a graduated background of grey, like in the picture I attached. Looking good with a custom class for the element… but I need to find where to edit the CSS attributes to make it semi-transparent.

Any ideas on how to do that?

Whatever the case, thanks again for answering!!!

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I have a question too. I want to put over the images of carousel a logo. I cannot put an icon (picture) so I tried to put an svg logo (as a code) but even if I had made a class to make it go up and left, it doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestions?