How Do You Create Sub Menu's In the Nav Bar?

So I thought logically, you would create a menu item for something like services, then you would add nav titles under the services and drag it under the “Services nav item”, I thought this would want create a sub menu but that does not work.

There is ZERO! documentation on this forum or in the manual and I cannot understand why, when this is the most basic thing a designer would want to create for their website.

Am I totally missing the simple solution here?

Can anyone point me the direction of this answer please?


Make your primary menu. Then open menu manager and at the top choose new menu (not primary). Let’s say you name it links. Then click to + button and add Link 1, add Link 2 and add Link3.

Once you have this menu done go back to primary menu and click the + sign again. Name your new item Links. Then in the “type” option box click the dropdown arrow and choose “open menu” Then in the third “menu” box choose the links menu you just made.