How do you get your survey out?

I have this beautiful survey I painstakingly developed on Excel (Numbers, really) . And now, only now i ask “where do I get people to fill this thing in such a way I can process it, and “how” do I process it” … In my context I think it would best to give it a home on my site, second best could be send to people… last option, I am very not okay using online survey software. I have looked at bric builder (how do i even learn this?) … what are your thoughts about creating independent surveys and synergy with blocs?

At my company, Third-Eye, we specialize in data analysis and understand the intricacies involved in creating an effective questionnaire. The art of framing the right questions to gather the most useful responses, not just those we want to hear, can be challenging.

Sending out these questionnaires, whether it’s through email, WhatsApp, or a website pop-up, is relatively straightforward. The most significant aspect, however, begins after the questionnaire is filled out.

Analyzing the collected data is the pivotal part. Without the right tools to parse this information, you risk wasting time - both yours and that of the respondents. For simple surveys with a handful of questions, tools like Google Forms or JotForm might suffice.

But, if you’re looking to conduct a more in-depth analysis to genuinely understand and learn from your data, it’s wise to consider outsourcing. At Third-Eye, we offer expert solutions for complex data analysis needs.

Thank you Jerry. I understand and agree with you. However I have no budget. It is for a project in its infancy. Beside I would like to learn. I’ll check jotform (google I already know about).
Best to third eye

I think really this should have been reversed thought, and looked into how this could be done online before created in Excel.

As Jerry has said some great info above and I’m sure he can offer his solutions.

I personally have used Google Forms for some basic brilliant data collection for after event questions and embed onto the website.

Good luck in your choice.