How does Blocs compare with Webflow?

I know this has probably been asked, but how does Blocs compare with Webflow? I have been using Webflow for a year, but I also like to hand code sometimes. I prefer to self host sites which drives me nits with Webflow. Is there a code editor in Blocs? Is Blocs made for freelancers creating sites for clients? Just trying to understand where Blocs fits in all this. The tools look amazing!

Hi there,

I’ve never used webflow but I did look at it for quite a while when I wanted something better than rapid weaver. I’ve found Blocs to be a great bit of software with a very active developer and a very supportive and helpful community which has been priceless.

Blocs has helped me massively in redesigning all of our websites either from the original RW designs or from Wordpress. We don’t self host (using own server) but have done in the past and can’t see why this would be an issue. We tend to use a decent host and Cloudflare together.

As for hand coding, there are html bricks and code can be included in the header/footer areas in each page. I’m sure some of the other guys can offer a better insight into coding as I only using it structured data additions.

Make sure you try out the trial and visit @Eldar tutorials as they helped me greatly.



Thanks. I am just wondering if I can hand code if I want to as well to add additional things in. Blocs looks beautiful

Blocs has a “basic” code editor built in. And also offers various areas you can input code.

The only thing you cant do is really dig in and edit the full page source in app, that needs to be done after export.

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I subscribed to Webflow for a year or so and used it to design the front end of a few websites. I’d export the code and hand it over to the developer/coder I work with. We were delivering these websites as wordpress installs for clients (either hosted by us or the client).

The coder hated it. It’s full of webflow only scripts and the code it generates isn’t very clean. If you don’t have an active webflow account it’s possible for parts of your website to fall over. If you’re using it for front end development you need to be able to find and replace any code/scripts that are making ‘calls’ back to webflow. I think webflow works well if you stay within its eco system and use its hosting and CMS.

I found the move from Webflow to Blocs 3 to be very intuitive. The coder I work with is much happier with the exported code from Blocs. I love Blocs and find it very liberating to design with. It’s flexible and works really well as an interface between designer and coder. I like the fact that the software runs locally so I can still design with or without an internet connection. Also I’m not a fan of subscription based software.

Webflow is a great solution for some people but it’s becoming a Wix/Squarespace type of product rather than a front end design tool.

Try Blocs. You’ll love it. Pay for Eldar’s training and you’ll be up and running in no time.