How the Tabbed Content works? I can't find a way to add content - SOLVED

OK so I added a Tabbed Content bric, set to 4 labels. I want each label to have a different content into them. right? like label 01 maybe has a picture, label 02 a paragraph and so on. However, I noticed that I can add content to the first label or tab, but when I click on the send or any of the other tabs nothing happens… am I missing something? I mean I clicked on the second tab but only shows the first tab content, there is no content for the other tabs. where is it?

thanks!02 01


If you go to Preview mode, you will see that tab 01 only shows the content from content 01 area, tab 02 shows content 02 and so on. In edit mode, content for all tabs is visible at once.


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thanks Eldar! yep, I just saw it. got it! Sometimes I feel cannot find right away the answer on Blocs. anyways… thanks a lot! :+1: