How to Achieve this Text Effect

Is it possible to achieve a text effect in motion like this?

You could try

@bourne Thanks it works but limited as far as increasing the Text Size. The biggest is ‘heading 1’ size.

I tried to setting a class with the text marquee bric but it only increased the bric text not the content Text I typed in. Is there a way to increase the content text?

Maybe check out this past post?

Hi, I would try out and set the size for H1 in the Project Settings for Blocs (Command+,) at the T symbol. There you can pre-define all the relevant text sizes for all the breakpoints. Should you H1 needs a different size in the various pages you could then define and set a class.

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This works. thank you

You can see the ticker I implanted in Blocs here (Japanese text):

Footer disappears

I am trying this bric. When putting in a text-marquee on a page, the footer disappears from all pages. Anyone seen this before?