How to add a link to "Accept Terms" in contact form?

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Is there a way to link the „Accept Terms“ feature to a page where the Terms are actually displayed or to raise a popup to display the Terms? Otherwise, just checking the Accept Term box will not make the contact form GDPR compliant.



@Norm, it would be a great idea if the text besides the checkbox were editable like the other lables in Blocs.

I found a workaround myself: you can insert a “Paragraph” between the “Accept Terms” checkbox and the “Submit” Button and then you can add and customize the required link(s) into the paragraph.

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Hello @MichaelZ, thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

Great question did you figure this out? A scrollable service agreement would be legal. I need the same thing for a site Im building at the moment

I figured something out. If you put in the paragraph as part of the form and in my case have a place where they have to initial then have them copy that into a text box and proceed to initial or fill in name . You will get n initials contract that is legally binding according to an attorney I spoke to. That way you get a copy of the agreement sent to you when form is submitted.