How to add a Open Layers map as column

I do have a mapping service (WMS) using public radar systems (German RADOLAN) that share their precipitation data through an openlayers map we built. Do you know any way to incorporate this map within a column in Blocs 5.x?

place a CodeWidget in the column. As HTML code (content of the code widget), place a DIV with ID and its own class in the CodeWidget.
The class is only used for the visual details. It is loaded after all and you can use it to customize the look without going too deep into Bootstrap.
Then you need Javascript to turn the DIV into the map. This is best done in a separate file that contains the map functions.
Insert the CSS files of the map framework (OpenLayers or Leaflet) into the CodeWidget (select Header in the popup menu).
Place the JS files in the footer area (also via the pop-up menu). Also the JS file with the init functions of the card.
You can include the folder with the framework sources and images under the project settings (paperclip symbol). The folder is then always included. To simplify updates, we always have a separate Folder for the map framework and one with your own sources (the ones you add in the footer).
I would also change the page type to “php”. Then you can use the corresponding code for a database connection.

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Thanks for the help.