How to add or import a custom brick?

I’m already liking blocs, coming from Freeway7 this is so easy!
I 100% need an accordion brick and found one on the forum. It came as a zip file which I extracted into FAQ.bex
I searched and experimented couldn’t see how to get it into my bricks library.
Can anyone tell me how
Thanks Barry

Hi @btate

Got to Window > Extension Manager & hit the + button in top-right & browse for the .bex file. I assume you have unzipped the file first :wink:

You may need to restart to be able to see it.

In Drop Mode (D) you should see the custom FAQ bric at the bottom of the brics or you can just search using ‘FAQ’ to narrow it down quick.

If it still doesn’t show, then go to Bric > Toggle Custom Brics On/Off & try looking for it in Drop mode again.

Have fun.


Beautiful! Great answer Bill. Worked exactly as you suggested including having to toggle the brick.
Playing with it a bit looks exactly what I was looking for. Changed the displayed text to reed more… and the “answer” to white. easy. Saved the doc and hit V to enter browser view but alas nothing shows when clicking the “read more”
hmmm, trying a few things even assigning a class but no luck. Perhaps someone knows the answer?



Two things:

  • if you set the answer to color of white, then you will have white text on a white background - obviously you need to change the text color or the background color :wink:
  • Custom brics often don’t render in View Mode (V) I would always recommend that you preview in browser (Command + Option + B)


I had already set the text color to white (my background is black) and I thought V gave me the browser mode. I tried the Command + Opt+B and it is perfect
Thank you, thank you, thank you
Bill, did you create this brick?


Yes, FAQ is my custom bric :wink: