How to Arrange/stack items

Hi, has anyone a tip how to arrange items on my Blocs page? My navigation-submenu’s disappear behind other page elements. There is an up-down shortcut but that seems only to be meant for selecting elements within groups. I want menu items end up on top of the stack. But how?
Thanks, Andries

what version you running? I had the same but works okay in latest beta after export.

Version 2.3.1 Andy. Do you use the ‘move up & move down’ from the menu under tab Blocs and tab ‘brics’?
Or is there an ‘arrange’ option somewhere like in Adobes software?

I don’t know, it sorted itself out in beta 8 along with other menu issues.

I have the same issue.
My navigation-submenu’s disappear behind a caroussel.

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I asked Eldar also (yep from the Blocs Templates) and he is looking for a solution too.

Yes this is an in app preview issue, I’m hoping to iron out the recent preview issues in 2.3.2.

It should’nt effect your site once you export.

Unfortunately it still disappears after export and also online.
But only when carrousel changes the image. Meaning during the fade in or scrolling to the next image.

That’s a z-index issue caused by the carousel. I’ll see if I can force the nav drop downs higher.


sorry Norm but it happens after export and in the browser. See (click on tab ). A Z-index issue?