How to associate multiple images to a WP Post/Page?

Hey all. I’m working on a portfolio website.
My master plan is to mix portfolio pieces (projects, hobby projects, works) with small news updates. I plan to use Pages for the first, and Posts for the second.

For the portfolio Pages, I would like to add extra bits of info for each work. I realised I have to use Custom Fields for some bits like “year”, “target platform”, etc.

How to link a bunch of images, or potentially a video, to a WP Page entry? I want to have them as separate bits of info that I can lay out in Blocs as I want, not embedded in the page’s content via the Wordpress text editor. Is it even doable?

I am bit too inexperienced with WP to make any useful suggestions, but hopefully one of the more expert users will be able to point you in the right direction soon. I’m just giving this a bump so it is more easily seen.

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You can do it with custom fileds

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Ok, yes, I tried and it actually works.

I was wondering if there were other solutions, since having multiple custom Fields requires to be on Blocs Plus, and I literally only need it for this tiny detail. But hey, the software is really cool, so I might just bite the bullet and get the upgrade.

Thanks @odd1!