How to build a website in 2 languages?

how to build a website in 2 languages? Like one version is English and another language, so people can click and choose their language. I can do it in MUSE so simple. (yeh yeh, I come from MUSE)
Any ideas?
thanks guys!

Can’t you just create links directing them to separate language pages? Another option might be to upload separate sites in different folders of the same domain e.g and You could even make use of subdomains. I’ve never actually created a website with multiple languages, so these are just ideas that come to mind.

BLOCS, thank you Eldar - Building the multilingual websites in Blocs

Hi Guys, you could also try adding the google translate plugin here.
I can run through how to use it if you wish.


Something else to consider is the appropriate meta tags when a site has more than one language

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this is not just a language issue. let’s say that the engish page is made in a certain way for the english speaking market and the other language (country) is made for that specific market. In MUSE is easy why in BLOCS is so difficult?

It might help us if you explain how Muse makes this easy. Perhaps it is something that could be changed in Blocs.

MUSE works similar as InDesign

That doesn’t help a lot if you’ve never used InDesign. What is the actual function that Muse is doing to make language selection simple? How does it look in the interface?

you just create pages. make 2 links (for en/fr) clien in “en” go to website in english, click in “fr” go to the fr home page… why is so difficult in Blocs? I don’t even need to imput any kind of code for that in MUSE
I saw the video…yeh, soooo many steps just for that, that’s ridiculous.

If you just duplicated the home page for another language and had a flag of that country on the main home page, that’s probably the best and simplest way to do it

you can’t duplicate a page. You are presented with one empty white page and the only thing to can do is add a new page but not duplicate the page. If i am wrong, plese correct me. thanks

I think you could get around that by turning a page into a template.

ok… and then? sorry I’m so new to Blocs

Take your original page and save it as a template. Then just choose the template page and make use of it with a different name.

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How can you add the flags inside the menu? can’t find any way to do that!