How to change the colour of an active Tab-button? - SOLVED

I could not find anything on this matter in the online manual.

I have a Tabbed Content bric. I want to change the colour of the active Tab. I assigned a class to the active Tab-button.
However, what happens is, that I only can change the colour of all the other non-active Tabs (Tab-buttons) but not the colour of the active Tab-button.

How do I proceed to change the colour of the active Tab-button?

Here is my screenschot:

Add this class: Make sure you leave the spaces when asked. Then just open this class an set the background color. This will change the active tab color.


nav-tabs .nav-link, .nav-tabs

Thank so far. Ok, I could not make it work.

To clarify.

  1. Are we talking here about a sub-class?
    I could not find a sub-class named nav-tabs in Blocs. So I just added/created your mentioned class line in the Class Manager.

  2. In your given class there is a comma. Is this intentional?

  3. Is the class you gave me the whole long one (1) single class or are these 2 separate classes divided by the comma?

  4. Do I have to enter these classes directly for the Tab-button (like in my screenshot at: Link #nav-25772-tab-1) or somewhere else in the tree? I guess if it is a sub-class it would function for all the Tabs on my Blocs Project.

Thanks very much. It is just the quirky behaviour of bloc that did not let me do it properly.

I could make it work. Nevertheless, for my better understanding, I would be grateful if you could explain to me what I did.

Did I create or manipulated a sub-class? And why are there so many classes in one line? I assume each of them is a class (nav-tabs and and .nav-link, etc.)

Thanks very much, indeed!

There are 3 classes Tabs use. nav.tabs and nav-tabs .nav-link are the other two. These are applied to the tabs by just adding them in the class manager.


Wonderful casey1823. Very much appreciated.

I understand it now.

Have a nice evening.

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Talking about compound css, i wish in Blocs 3 you can quickly add custom class without the need to inspect code and manually type.

Maybe this can be addressed with more subclasses support right?

This is somewhat true, there are some premade subclasses in the class manager. It would be nice if there was more but I’m not sure when it’s too much. It would help users learn more about what classes control different aspects of features. But the info is easily found looking for bootstrap 4 classes.

Here’s a link I use to learn more about Bootstrap classes.

You can also use the inspect element when using Blocs to see what Bloc classes are using.

With Blocs 3 using the canvas freehand controls Blocs does create classes automatically for you. I big improvement over version 2.


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LOL, it’s all Greek to me

Hi Casey1823 – These 3 Bootstrap classes are working for me…except one small, but important detail.

I can’t seem to get the ACTIVE state text color for the Tab trigger to stay put after I release the mouse.

My understanding is the ACTIVE state would be the Tab & its linked content container to be in focus, but the tab link text color returns to the ‘normal’ state, so it looks like the rest of the tabs links.

First, I’ve tried setting the 3 Tab trigger states in the nav-tabs .nav-link class, but the ‘active’ state (color) is only ‘active’ ‘on-click’ and when the mouse is released the text switches back to ‘normal’ color.

And then I tried setting the 3 states (after deleting them in nav-tabs. nav-link) using the nav-tabs .nav-link, .nav-tabs, but it didn’t set the ‘normal’ nor ‘hover’ states. It appears to me that this longer class doesn’t really do anything…

Here a pic of what I’m working with…the first Tab is in focus, but the Tab trigger text is in the ‘normal’ state (orange) instead of dark grey…

Any suggestion?

Use this class for active tab.
nav-tabs .nav-link, .nav-tabs


Set the text like the color in the class as below. In my example, the text on the active tab will be red.

Ah, I see now. This class overrides the ‘normal’ state settings set in nav-tab .nav-link class, with a newly selected color set for the ‘normal’ state of this class.

How counter intuitive…so thanks for guiding me.

IT WORKED! :heart_eyes:

Yeah, it’s funny sometimes how this stuff works. By the name, you would assume you would have to change the active state. Same thing with the new navigation active tab. It’s just in the normal state.

Glad to help.

true…when i think a bit more on it, it seems there is some kind of syntactic logic.

Part of the confusion is the name active itself, which in coding language is not a persistent state, but an on-click or press state, and then it vanishes.

Not really sure what the value of that kind of state is, as typically a click is a millisecond action, and not something to pause and take in.

thanks again, as always.

Hi y’all.
Is it possible to centre the tabs in a page and keep the border below full width?
I can use “.nav_tabs” class to alter the colour of the border and the overall width, but if I keep it to full page width, it defaults to the left.

Hey @apswoodwork

Yes, you can use a class called justify-content-center

Select the tab row and add the class. Eg.

Or if you want the tabs to be equally spread out along 100% of the top use. nav-justified

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That works perfect along with the code to link to a specific tab.
Contact tab

Cool. Hey your terms headers have a hover on them you realise?

No I didn’t realise ta

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I found this thread very informative. However, getting tabs to look right in the XS breakpoint is a pain in the booty. Right now, the tabs get stacked atop each other, yet the content sits below the lowest tab, which looks stupid. In other words, the topmost tab is detached from its content, which just doesn’t look right.

The example website below is a great solution. Open it in your browser, then reduce the browser window width to simulate the XS breakpoint. Note how the content ALWAYS sits directly below its associated tab, which is the right way to do tabs in XS.

How do I accomplish this with Blocs’ Tabbed Content? Surely there must be a way. If impossible, then how are the rest of you dealing with those stacked tabs in XS?