How to create a theme for Wordpress properly, so that the publication of records was to different pages?

Have a nice day, everyone.

I studied the tutorial on how to create themes in Wordpress

However, there are still some questions that I could not solve

Please help who understands this

  1. How to make the entries publish to separate pages/rubrics. What would be for example 3 pages, and for each posted a different record

The way it works now is that I make an entry, specify a rubric and that entry appears on all pages/where there is a field with a wordpress loop.

Is there any way to separate this so that the entry is published to the page where I specify it

Thank you very much.

hey gaponko, same for you!

well, as far as Blocs goes for WordPress, you only create the template, and do not add specific post information on the template (else it will appear everywhere). I think what you’re trying to achieve can be done directly into the Wordpress page. You go to the page you want the rubric to appear, and put it there manually.

Else, you can create two different templates within Blocs, and choose between them when publishing a page in WordPress

Yes, I understand that you only need to create one example of a post card, but my goal is to have different posts on different pages/rubrics

and in my case they publish the same, recent posts on all pages.

This is actually a default functionality of WordPress itself. To accomplish this, you’d use the “category”-template of your theme (Blocs Plus generates this as one of the necessary pages).
Then, by surfing towards (depending on how you set your permalinks), the loop should be populated by all posts for that specific category.

Within WordPress, when creating this specific page, you’d set the page template to “category”.

Thank you very much. I would also like to ask you what to do with “wp paginate”, it works, but when I click on the next page (say “2”) the page returns to the header instead of staying at the current position.

It doesn’t work. When I publish an entry and specify the right category, it is published on all category pages

I need me to create 2 categories and publish entries in loop so that the entry of one category does not stick to all other categories


I faced exactly the same problem: posts of rubrics inside the rubrics themselves are not displayed.

The template type is set correctly, the block type is also set correctly, but for some reason it does not work.

Where is the mistake?


I think I found a solution

You need to select Type- content instead of Type- post

yes it worked!


nice, I’m glad it helped. :heart_eyes: