How to create more expandable albums on one page / Iconic gallery

Hi, I have several pages with photo albums. Each for one event. Sometimes I need one page with more events. Problem is, that there can be lot of photos and scrolling to bottom of page to get to specific event is no good. So I’m thinking how to do several albums on one page so company can have only one link. I tried ID’s and toggle visibility, but unfortunatelly with iconic photo album it’s broken and cannot be used. Any other ideas how to achieve this? Thank you!

Sorry T.SK, no solution… If you figure out a good way, will you please share it? - I also will be facing a similar issue in the future.

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Got a link to your site?

I am having no issues with Iconic Gallery…here is a site I built that uses IC on several pages.

What is it you want to accomplish, specifically? Put a whole bunch of photos on a single page?

Rich the Weather Guy

Iconic Gallery load images asynchronously. With this you gain high first page load speed.

Linking and jumping to anchors in the middle / bottom of pages is done before images are loaded, therefore you’re not really able to use them.

This is not an issue with Iconic Gallery but with all kind of lazy loaded images. There are solutions for scroll to target in an animated way which are waiting a sort of time until images are loaded on the page.

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