How to display a random image, once per session


Most of my existing websites are still in SoftPress Freeway. I purchased Blocs because it’s the most straight forward Mac app available to build attractive and well-coded responsive websites. I was never able to get my head around how to build responsive websites in Freeway, although nothing touches Freeway when it comes to building traditional websites. Anyway, here’s the top page of an existing website I made in Freeway:

Note the graphic that appears just beneath the black header with KIRAMEK logo, then click your browser’s reload button and note how the graphic changes. It’s NOT a carousel because you only see a single image, and there’s no timer that changes the image, yet the image changes at random each time you reload the webpage or later return to the website.

This is drop-dead easy to implement in Freeway because there’s a Freeway action (plugin) named Random Image which does all the heavy lifting. I just tell the action what graphics I want it to use, and bam, it generates all the necessary code when I publish my website in Freeway.

How would one go about implementing this in Blocs?

Thank you,

James W.


Hello @JDW

Check this I made for you…


@Pealco, you are the magic man!

Do you have a step-by-step procedure that shows how you implemented it in Blocs?

Many thanks,

James W.


Hello @JDW yes I have. I’m out and only have iPhone with me, but as soon as I return home, I’ll send you. Do you want both situations or only one of them?


Is it that much harder to add links? I suppose the version with links would be best, as I could just avoid adding the links if I decide I don’t want them. No need for a long writeup either as I probably can figure out what you did by looking over your Blocs document, if you are willing to share that. It’s the weekend now, so no need to rush. Thanks again for your kind help!


Wow Pealco!!! That is great!!!