How to fill unused space on page

Newbie to all this. I have a page with not much content. Currently when it is previewed there is a lot of black empty space at the bottom of the screen which is actually white when previewed in a browser. I don’t know why it changes colour in the browser but that’s another story. I would like to be able to fill the empty space so that the bottom global area becomes the bottom of the page in the browser window without any need to scroll further. Clearly this needs to respond to the size of the browser window.

I can’t find a way to do this. I have tried setting the bloc padding to fullscreen but this pushes the content down in the bloc and I can’t then have it where I want it and also using this setting pushes the bottom global area off the screen and it is necessary to scroll down to it. Can this be avoided?

Basically I want to fill dead space and for that filler to be responsive to the browser window size.

Hi Sket12, I’m afraid the only thing to do with Blocs is practice, practice, practice.

Start a site called “Scraps” and use it to try colour changes, etc, where they don’t matter.

If your front page is a hero, it is very likely to have a set depth. Why not try with an ordinary Bloc/Bric and see where that gets you?

Don’t forget that pressing D brings up the Brics menu.

Best of luck.