How to get background video to be positioned from the bottom?

Hi Gang,

When adding a photo as a background you can add the style option to set the image to be at the bottom - but when adding a video as background, how can I get the image to start at the bottom up? on mobile / small tablet I have lost the subject of the background video.

Thanks all !

Hi all,

One last push to see if a video can be pushed to start from the bottom up and not from the top down?

If not - I will go with an image only and do it that way.

Cheers all !

Hey @AdieJAM

Try putting this in your page header

.bloc-video {transform: translate(-50%, -50%);}
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Brilliant - thanks @Malachiman - I will give this a go now.

It’s for a small project for myself! Just want 1 page and some text in the middle.

If its a full screen video that may not work. I am off to bed anyway. :wink:

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