How to i import free templates into blocs? pls help

how to i import free templates into blocs? pls help

Templates will usually be Blocs or Bex files. Just double-clicking on them should open the template in Blocs.

Hi @jset, welcome to the forum.

If by “free templates” you mean various 3rd party Bootstrap templates you can find across the web. Then presently Blocs does not have the ability to import 3rd party templates (HTML/CSS/JS) in that manner, regarding opening a 3rd party site template you may find.

However the simplicity of Blocs App and using its methodology of placing Blocs & Brics on the page to create should allow you to recreate the visual aspects of templates you may find across the web.

If that is what you mean then the following documentation links should help get you up and running quickly using the Blocs and Brics method of the app.

In that regard here is a site where you can see samples of what can be built with Blocs. You are also free to use Blocs to create and sell your own Bootstrap templates like seen in the second link.

If instead you are speaking of the Blocs ‘template feature’ then these links should assist you.

Does any of that clarifiy things regarding your question?