How to play video in a modal window

HI All: Can anyone tell me a simple way to play 1 video from a button push? I would have thought there was a simple choice in the interaction menu but it is clearly not in there and I plan to use a lot of video, but I don’t want to have multiple videos in a block, nor do I want the massive HERO bloc just to play one video. I just would like a small block containing a video that can either be made visible upon pushing a button, or have a modal window to pop up and play the video (if of course that works on mobile). Thank you in advance.

Try the Blocs lightbox interaction.

If that doesn’t work how you need it to and you need to use a modal, Bootstrap has some custom events you can use in javascript. I can cobble it together if you need.

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@whittfield - thank you for the prompt response -

I don’t seem to have one?

sorry, I didn’t realize but the lightbox interaction is only available for images that are being clicked. Makes sense in a traditional sense, but it would be nice if it didn’t have that limitation.

Hello @MFitzAZ check if is this that you need:

@Eldar hope you don’t mind, is a gift and a request to people from the forum to follow this excellent recipes… I had tried a few…

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