How to? refresh website when closing a specific modal

Hello forum!

I am currently working on a website where i call up an external ticketshop in a modal.
When this specific modal is closed, I would like the to refresh (reload) the website.

Why? Because when I click again the modal opens with the latest page I visited on the ticketshop, e.g. the ticket order confirmation. I would like it to start with the welcome page of the ticket shop again though, in case a visitor would like to place another order for another event.

Any ideas how I can achieve such a forced refresh?

Details about how you have done this would help, are you calling the page via a script or just an iframe.

The solution will probably involve using the event as a trigger to reset the page.

Thank you for your response.

I call up the shop in an iframe.

Hey @area49,

There is probably a much better way to write this, but try adding the following to the page footer.

Replace the modal ID and the URL to suit.

$('#modalID').on('', function () {

Very good tipp!!! Thank you!

I was already searching the net for something similar.

Just inserted the code and tested it. Works perfect!

Once again, thank you!