How to select which page is

I have few pages created. Problem is that if I export the project the first page is landing page (has index.hrml). How I can change that different page will be my landing page? Problem is that may landing page is creatd as last one and I am not able to force the app to create index.html from the page.

Hey @kengura in the current version of Blocs the index page is locked to the first page in the project, Im hoping to open this up in the coming updates scheduled for this year.

Bumping this I know but I screwed up my project not making the first page the index Page! Had no idea til upload time. It would be fantastic to have this fixed in Blocs, so we can choose the index Page

I had the same problem (not making the first page my index page). I notice at least 2 others have asked about this in other threads.

My solution below, seems to work, but if something is wrong with this approach I’d like to know. The animated gif demonstrates, but the basic idea is to make a a temporary global footer where items can be transferred and then copied between pages. In my example the red text items get transferred from page 2 to page 1 and the blue text items get transferred from page 1 to page 2.

Side note: At the end of the video that the overall page view has a bug – it doesn’t accurately show the current page contents – but this is a small thing and gets fixed when reopening Blocs. I’m using 2.5.0b4

Did you figure this out. I have the same issue and have no clue how to resolve. I have an entire website built that lands on the index page.

There is a slightly more streamline way to do this, just nudge the entire bloc into the global area.

and how can I “nudge” it to the global area?

Check out the menu bar along the top of your screen Bloc > Nudge