How to set a different parallax image size for different view points

I know this has probably been covered before and is common knowledge to most. However, I have set a top XL 150px for a parallax image size for LG at the top of a page and whilst that is still ok for both MD and SM it is too large for the smallest XS. How can I change the size for just the smallest XS (or maybe even the SM and XS) without changing all the other sizes?

Thanking you.

Hi Sister Sabina,

You can add a class to the bloc, and manually adjust the padding for each breakpoint. I usually create a class and make it something like .responsive-padding. Then I set the default padding in the sidebar to something small, and then I just add a needed amount of padding to each breakpoint.

So, for LG I would give it 50+100, for MD and XM something like 50+50, and for SX I would just leave it at 50 without adding anything using class (just set it to 0).

Does it make sense?


Yes, that makes sense thank you Eldar. However, I have another problem…I have set the image across all breakpoints to parallax but I can see it in “view” mode but it isn’t showing up on screen view. Just a blank white space. The page is an archive page from another template. Could that be stopping it from showing for some reason or other? But don’t worry, if needs be I will forego the parallax. But it would have looked nice.

Take care please

I am not sure if the fact that it is a page from other project affects it, but I think you can test it by trying to add a new image to be the background parallax image. If it’s not working, you can also try sending me the project file, so I can test it myself.

Best regards,

I tried various background images to see if I could get parallax to work but to no avail. I settled with just adding a plain images which seemed to fit in with the style of the page. I have uploaded the project to the server but if you can get it to work then nice, but I don’t want to be bothering you especially at this difficult time for you. I couldn’t see for the life of me why it wasn’t showing and just gathered that it was the archive page from the blog template which was the problem. I will send to you but please don’t waste too much time on it please.