[HOW TO] Show Dropdown Menu on Hover

Hello Bloc Users!
Question: How to show Dropdown Menu on Hover rather than user having to click to enable?

Which file(s) need to be modified?

Is it possible to enable this within the blocs app itself? Or does it need to be modified with a text editor?

Anyone have an idea how to accomplish this within blocs?

I have the same question, how can I visualize drop down menu when I hover over an item without click… anybody wanna to answer

I love Blocs, but I think the Nav menu should have more extensive options.

idem, Nav menu should have more extensive options.

Even not in navigation bar menu, I men the usual bricks of dropdown menu, if you have daughter dropdown menu, it should appear with hover not to click… Any answer from Norm

Agreed. @Norm, is there any easy way to enable a drop down menu on the navigation bar on hover?

What code could we add to the custom code section of the heading to enable opening a drop down by hovering?

Thanks in advance.

You can see how to do that in this amazying video tutorial by Jakerlund


@Jakerlund how come the tutorial you did is not working on my blocs site? Help me hehe

@Jakerlund your Dropdown menu with mouseover video doesn’t work if there are sub menus inside a dropdown.

See my page http://caldwellequipment.com/temp/snapper-example.html See EQUIPMENT.

Can you please explain how this can be fixed? Much appreciated. Thanks!

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Interesting tutorial, but I think most people would still like to click to drop down each of the main menus. However, I would prefer to hover over menu items and automatically have submenus pop-out without my having to click. So if a new tutorial in Blocs 3 could be made to show that feat, I’m sure it would be warmly welcomed by many.

–James W.