Html code on single line

Hi all. When I export the files, the html code is in a single line across the top. Am I not saving or exporting correctly?

Did you enable the checkpoint “minimize html” on export options?

Thanks for responding. Yes, I have all boxes checked besides “Enable Lazy Loading”. Should I keep export with “minify HTML” unchecked?

If you do not want to see the code in one line, yes - you have to disable the checkbox “minimize html”.
you can leave the other ones as minimizing makes sence.
Best is just to fiddle arround a bit and compare the results after export.

jglo, minify reduces the size of the web page source and makes it difficult to read for the casual viewer. It’s not “bad” to enable it, but as you have found out if you want to read the source afterwards, then it’s not so great.

The browser’s HTML parser could care less about readability or white space.

Thanks for the help and explanation! Another issue maybe you guys can help me understand is that I am unable to have a normal text navigation menu on computer view. When I am editing it, it looks fine, but every time I go to “Preview in browser”, it is back to a hamburger menu. And when I use the “Toggle appearance”, when I put it on either phone or tablet view, it shows the text links, but when I put it on computer view, a hamburger menu. It seems to be totally backwards.

Hamburger dosn´t make sence in Desktop view (exept you want to have a special design).
So you shouldn´t activate it there.

Just as a general info, for all of us beginners the navbar was something we had to learn about.
Try and error, just fiddle around.
There are a lot of nice people topics here specially for the “navigation”.


Yes, that is the confusing part. I do not believe I ever did activate the hamburger menu in desktop view. Is there a way to deactivate it?

No, you just leave it at the Tablet or Mobile, that´s fine and than your text Menu should appear automaticly.

Yes, that is what I am doing. When toggled to either Tablet or Mobile, it shows the text menu. When I put it on Desktop, it shows the hamburger menu, with no way to change it to just a text menu.

Leave it on Tablet or Mobile.
Yes it will show Text unless you view in Mobile format - That´s quiet normal :slight_smile:

This is how I have it set. But still like this, when I go to view the page on safari, firefox, etc. on my laptop, it shows the hamburger menu.


Well, I don´t have that issue if I minimize the screen to Tablet or Mobile it switches from Text to Hamburger.

Yeah, it seems like there might be a bug in my software. I have tried everything I can think of.

Which version?
I still work with 2.4.5

2.5.0, which I believe is the latest.

Well, than place a report