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Hi Blocs guys and girls.
Which post export editor do you recommend?
I use Brackets as it has a preview, but it can be a bit temperamental.
But is there anything better…

I use WebStorm, but I also do a lot of programming so it may be overkill for a HTML Editor.

I’ve used BBEdit for over a decade. More recent versions have live preview, and the text factories for automating things i need to always replace or inject code into are great!

Yeah… there is a lot in there that will take you a while to grok, but I think it is the beat editor out there.

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Might give atom a try, it’s open source (like Brackets) made by GitHub.

I looked at Atom, but couldn’t see that it had a preview.

There’s at least one plugin (maybe several) that will do that. That’s the beauty of atom is all the plugins (open source). I’m not at my Mac so not sure if this is the one I have used but you can give it a try.

I don’t use it a lot (live preview) as I tend to test with MAMP because of needing PHP support.

Just to chime in here, the new tool I’ve built that lets you preview in various screen sizes simultaneously supports live reload for PHP running via MAMP. Might be of interest to you, beta coming soon.


Will this only work with Blocs? I have to add some sections after exporting. I don’t understand about PHP or MAMP! :confused:

The new tool I’m working on works any code editor (brackets etc), Blocs, even Dreamweaver :nauseated_face:

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