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Hello again, Making progress on my first Blocs website, thanks to Eldar’s video training. I am a digital painter, using Procreate and Painter and have a time-lapse video of a painting from sketch to finished work. It is currently in MP4 format. I;m going to run it through Premier Pro for editing and add a music soundtrack. What is the best format to publish - viewableon devices and desktops MP4 or convert to HTML5 video format? I have a feeling it will be better in MP$, but you guys (and girls) are the experts
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Thanks in advance

Hello @yoshi2,

I believe that for now, mp4 will be the best format to use. I would love to hear what other users are thinking about it.


HTML5 and the video formats like mp4, WebM, Theora, etc are two entirely different things. HTML5 is the framework in which the video is displayed and delivered. HTML 4 was the last interaction of HTML.

It used to be, with HTML5, you needed 3 formats and a poster image when self hosting or hosting on a paid server for large numbers of videos.

It’s true MP4 is more universally accepted by a large number of browsers but many (best practices) players still use the 2 or 3 video formats and poster image to properly display videos on a large number of browsers depending on the versions. Right now I believe it’s at least mp4 and Webm.
An example here…(not a Blocs player)

Thank you Gentlemen, I think I will go down the MP4 route and try that. HMM - you kindly pointed me at Muse. As an ex Muse user, I am reasonably familiar with Muse video setup and it was only thanks to MUSE FOR YOU apps, that I did in fact manage to publish a video on my now deleted Muse site.
I do appreciate the advice.
I continue to enjoy all the video training course, Eldar

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My question is what the most compatible totally responsive video players that works with Blocs?
Which one has more features? ie, controls
Free version?
Paid versions?
What if ones want to Host their videos on a Server and not you YouTube or Vimeo? Are there any limitation? Like length of time, size of the file…

Any insight on the following players?
Does anyone use anyone them with success?

HTML5 Video Player Comparison