Afternoon all,

My first Blocs website is up at and I’d appreciate constructive criticism.

One snag I have had is that the text on the green band on the hero breaks at some screen widths. I’ve fiddled round but can’t get it right. Any fixes welcome.

All the best,


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I understand the busy bee thing, but my first reaction when I saw it was that you sold bees or honey. I wouldn’t use that for the hero block.

I think the ‘learn more’ button is superfluous and would replace it with some text.

I find the font you have chosen hard to read. I keep feeling you’ve squashed the text.

I hesitate to even mention these things to a sub-editor.


The hero page is up to you but I would also take out the learn more button. You have the down arrow at the bottom of the Bloc.

I would for sure change the text to a more readable font. It’s really hard to read, I to felt the text lettering was to close. If you like the style then maybe just use it on the headings.

On the most memorable moment bloc. I would use a regular 1 column bloc and align the image to the right instead of a two column bloc. As you screen size get smaller the space becomes empty below the image. Take a look on a tablet or phone. By using a one column bloc and then align the image to the right the text will flow under the image and fill the page evenly.

Nice job!


Thanks, Paul – Everyone needs criticism like this. Now you mention the font I can see the problem. I was too close to it before.



Hi Casey - some great advice there, and I have acted on all of it. Please take a look at the site now. NB: my wife is reading on the iPad so I haven’t checked it on that yet.

Paul - the bees are no more.

Many thanks.

So much better!

One thing - just curious really…

As a freelancer, my best interviews were always where the clients decided they wanted me to work for them and then the fee would be less of an issue for them.

In most cases these days the fee is upfront in direct deals, so it’s harder to push for a better fee.

Is it a better strategy to put the fee (ie rate card) on the web page, or get an enquiry and then discuss it?

I don’t know the answer.

Looks a lot better. My only suggestions would be to maybe change your name color, it kind of blends in with the background. The right aligned image looks a lot better, (maybe a little) but its your choice.

On the mobile phone, you might want to use a different image for the hero image, it really does not show much. Create another bloc just for the phone using a square image and and adjust the size of the text in the hero text, then turn off the desktop, table so it just shows up on the phone version.

Great job.



Hi Paul,

I generally work for national newspapers that have a set daily rate and I was basing my fee on that. Others who know better than I do said they sometimes get clients who are happy to pay double the amount or more. The rate card disappeared in a flash!



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Many thanks, Casey. That’s done.