HTTPS & GoDaddy "Not Secure" warnings

Please excuse my lack of tech ability, but I’m just an amateur user…!

I bought an SSL from GoDaddy who host my domain name and website, to get rid of the Not Secure warnings.

It never worked, and I’ve just paid extra to have another htaccess file added by one of their techies.

Thing is, when on the phone helpline, the consultant said that my website should be built and exported HTTPS.

Blocs does not seem to do that. Any ideas for how to overcome this?


Your SSL certificate is working, but the .htaccess isn’t redirecting all requests to the https:// version of your website.

Make sure the web address in the Blocs settings is, and if you’ve paid Godaddy to set up the .htaccess, I’d ask them for a refund or for them to sort it out.


Ian do you have your web address set to https in the project settings? Most sites just use the .htacess file to redirect to secure. It’s a shame that GoDaddy wants you to pay more for a secure site. Most hosting packages include this option free.


Aha, thanks @casey1823, I’ll give that a try.

It was only this aft that GoDaddy said they’d update the htaccess thingy so that may not be done yet.

Opening Blocs now…!

Rule 1 of web design. Never use GoDaddy.


Your SSL certificate is set up, you just need to add a 301 redirect, so that visitors always go to https.

Thanks @Neil, @Flashman, @casey1823

Hosting suggestions welcome… re @casey1823’s comment about most companies providing it for free, GoDaddy wanted approx £140 p.a., but I complained and hence the £67.19 I’ve just paid them.

Seriously, hosting and domain registration suggestions welcome!!!

That’s outrageous and one of the reasons I cannot stand GoDaddy. Please tell me they haven’t sold you an Office 365 package as well.

Nearly all web hosts these days offer free SSL as part of the hosting package through cPanel. I use Guru these days that installs them by default on any newly added domain, then there are others like Kualo where it only requires a one click operation to install and renewed automatically thereafter.

For domain registration there are any number you could use. Domain registration and hosting do not have to be at the same place. If they are separate you would just need to change the nameservers that takes 10 seconds.

Thanks, will check those out.

Have now taken @casey1823’s advice and set the Web Address thusly:

No change, but the updated .htaccess may not have been uploaded yet.

(I assume I FTP to the same server address as before?)

@Flashman “the domain registration, there is any number you could use. Domain registration and hosting do not have to be at the same place. If they are separate you would just need to change the nameservers that takes 10 seconds.”

That’s correct it fact rarely does the domain hosting and domain registration have to best price together. I use one company for domain registration and one for hosting. Some of my clients already have a domain so all you have to do change the nameservers. I find that my clients that are responsible for keeping their domain name up to date are the ones that go down because they forgot to renew. I’ve had some transfer over to my service. I at least try to get them to have their site set to auto-renew.

I must say that the hardest to figure out is someone that registered with GoDaddy. I think GoDaddy can be good for someone that wants to build there site with GoDaddy’s website builder. It lures users that have no knowledge with a one-stop solution. I try not to bash any service, even though I agree with you. It’s just a choice.


I always advise clients to set the domain up for auto renewal and in some cases I’ve suggested they set it for a few years from the start. I tend to lose patience with GoDaddy because of the number of clients I have to rescue after they first went to GoDaddy and nothing works as expected. Whole days have been lost.

The first question I ask new clients with an existing website is whether they control the domain and the second is generally who the registrar is. Sometimes they cannot answer either and I’ve come across surprisingly large companies that have no clue what is going on, even though their entire business revolves around the website.

LOL, that’s another reason I like to be on control of the domain. Being I work with small local businesses and non-profits I have a good working relationship and that really helps.

Take care,

I was using GoDaddy with shared SSL certificate (properly set and with adjusted .htaccess file too) for,, and I had so many problems, It was crazy.

It was the main reason why I moved Blocs Master and Built with Blocs websites to my own Squarespace website. Since then, I switched from GoDaddy to other hosting and don’t have any issues with my Blocs Templates website.

I will never use GoDaddy again and I recommend to everybody to stay away from them.