Huge shout out for Blocs Academy!

I’m not a web design expert (hence why I’ve been using Blocs Academy), but I do have a background in education.

I have to say, the FREE Blocs Academy is quite possibly one of the best training resources I’ve seen and used. Thank you to whoever put it together.

One question though with regard to ‘classes/custom classes’: is there somewhere you can. find a list of these or is it something a bit more advanced?


Here’s a start…

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You can also join Blocs Master.
There is a fee, but you get SO much…
Eldar’s Blocs 5 Class is excellent, as are his other training videos.

Rich the Weather Guy


Thank you for that!

I have every intention of joining Blocsmaster, but don’t want to overwhelm myself just yet lol.

They are also focussed and direct without any theatrics or gimmicks. Very proffessional indeed.


You’re welcome, glad you like them :raised_hands:

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