Hype animation in Background

I usually build sites in hype but the performance of firefox tends make a lot of the transitions jerky.

I haven’t used blocs before but would like to know how to create a page with the hype animation being in the background with the text created in blocs overlaid directly on the animation.

Is this possible, I have only managed place the animation between the text so far. Any help would be really appreciated…bearing in mind I have zero knowledge or experience with blocs…Thanks :slight_smile:

Not 100% sure, but it probably works the same as putting type over a carousel.
You use the type you have above or below the hype animation and adjust the margins to overlap, and probably have to give it a class and adjust the z-index by adding a bit of code on the page settings.
It’s doable, but overlapping stuff isn’t one of Blocs strong points.

Personally, I would create the text content as part of the Hype animation. You have the option of exporting your hype HTML5 so that it includes text for search engines. This way, you can include your Hype animation in a Hype Bric. You must be using Hype4 for this to work. If you are using Hype 3, you will have to use the code bric and add the hype generated code manually.

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Great thank you both for your very replies :slight_smile: … looks like the simplest way is to run the text in the hype, I hope running the animations via blocs eradicates the problems I have with the rough tranforms when running directly via hype.

@JamesBachelier, just a heads up, there are a couple of bric for hype which make life easier for you.

So I suppose the jerkiness you’ve experienced with Firefox may still occur, even when being output through Blocs. I have limited knowledge (or use) of Hype. I’ve used it in one site, and it all seems smooth enough in Firefox, but it’s not complicated in the slightest. Feel free to check it out and see if it jumps and stutters for you, it’s the lettering and the stones on most pages:

Thanks again…I have had a chance to compare hype transitions via blocs compared to transitions in hype. Whoa much better even in firefox. Makes life easier to create something a bit different. Love the transitions in your website ‘shorestone’. :slight_smile:

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