I can't get my form to send

New to blocs and not a coder, but I’m pretty sure I have things set correctly - but I obviously am missing something because my form won’t send!

I’m testing it on the host it will be on: Adoption-Application-1

I have unique ID’s for all the fields, have my send and receive emails set… what am I missing?? Thank you!

Hi Sarah,

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Judging by the form on your website, it is likely that there are some issue with the structure of the form. To test this, please try adding the default form to your website and try to send an email. If it will work, it will mean that there is a problem with the structure in this particular form.

In my experience, most of the time problems appear when users have DIVs inside DIVs in the form, or something like that.


As far as I am able to tell by the code, the structure is fine. All IDs are there, not naming errors or such. Working forms can also depend on the email addresses used or server side PHP settings. Can’t help you with those though.

Did you use email addresses that are connected to the domain (like email@or-arc.com)? And I usually find the contact form less prone to errors when I used two domain email addresses. One to send to, and one to send from.

And just to make sure for yourself, here’s the Blocs documentation for forms:


Hi Eldar -

Thanks for the response. I tried putting the basic default version of this form with no changes on the site (Column .april-form-column) and it did not work. I tried the (Form #form_47467) and it would not send an email. I bought these form blocs from the store - what could I be doing wrong?? Thanks - Sarah

Here is the latest trial URL : APP-TEST-1

Thanks for taking a look! I did have it set with two emails with @oc-arc.com address, but changed the sent one from to a gmail, but it still doesn’t work - says " Sorry it seems that our mail server is not responding, Sorry for the inconvenience!"

I have reviewed all the documentation and as far as I can tell, am doing everything right. I’ll try another format and see if that one is less problematic. I don’t know what else to do. Thanks - Sarah

Hi Sarah,

I tested the form in April template, and it worked fine. In any case, I am happy to take a look at your project file and test it on my servers if you send me the .bloc file.

You can submit your request support here.