I can't import a local font .ttf or woff2

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to implement a local font to my project. the file is in .ttf Format, but the browser of the font manager shows me the file only greyed off. So I can’t impot it. Same when I convert it to woff2.

Any Ideas what to do?

Sounds like you are trying to import a single file. The way to do this is by importing a folder that contains ttf, woff and woff2.

If you still have issues I would suspect some kind of problem with the files or their location. Don’t try importing this from the user or system fonts folder. They need to stored elsewhere and I always store web fonts in a specified iCloud folder, simply so they are available across the network of computers.

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You can read in the knowledge base: https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/font-manager/ how to do it also.

Thanks so much! Now it’s working fine. I am an absolute novice so it makes me happy to see how fast you react.