I need a pro to finish off a site

I’ve laid out my very first website with Blocs and I’ve taken it as far as my abilities will let me! I need to hire someone to polish it up and make it really professional.

The site is MattFriedmanACE.com… you can check out what I’ve done so far. I’m pretty happy with the content and the basic structure, though I am open to suggestions. There’s a lot that is still in my ability to do (proofread, typos, a couple missing images, etc) but I’m putting up the link so you can see the help I need. Here is what I know I need for sure:

    1. I have not paid any attention to typeface selection. It’s placeholder Helvetica. :frowning:
    1. Again, I’m happy with the content and basic structure, but it feels amateurish (I am!) and un-designed.
    1. The page for “The Farewell” is a complete hot mess. I need help not only making it look nice but also figuring out how to best present the information.
    1. The main page is missing some sort of overall site element at the top. I have no idea what that would be or look like.
    1. Overall, the site doesn’t feel as cohesive as it should.
    1. Maybe some “animate on” effects to the elements on the main page? The site fees undynamic. It needs help.
    1. I can’t figure out how to make the Getty Images embed code work properly.
    1. I have not paid attention to breakpoints at all.
    1. The resume page needs to look more elegant and designed. There also needs to be a way to download a printer friendly version.
    1. I don’t know how to set up the contact form to make it actually work.
    1. All the work would be done in Blocs, and please build in about half an hour to walk me through what you did and give me a quick tutorial on how I would add a new film when the time comes to do that.
    1. It might be nice if when people click on a video to watch it, it opens in a larger modal window. Again, open to suggestions.
    1. And of course, whatever else you think would make it look cool!

I’m really excited to see where a professional hand can take this. I look forward to hearing from you!

I think it´s harder to makeup an already built site than creating a new one. You not only have to think about the user experience, you also have to design the content about it. That´s what you need to do if you want a pro site. Otherwise it will be just a good looking site without a logical structure. In your case I would recommend you buying a template from eldar and adjusting your content to it.

  1. Have you looked at some Google Fonts? Helvetica is good on Apple Devices but will be substituted to Arial or whatever the other device has the default font set as (it won’t be pretty). Check out some of the available web fonts here (My most used ones are Roboto and Lato): https://fonts.google.com
  2. The Home Page is nice but other pages seem pretty bland. You need to consider a central theme or template that is unique as the white pages and the basic blocs bore people away. Use Galleries, customize the form, play with margins and padding to make content more immersive.

Blocs is a very powerful web design tool. Once you figure out where everything is, you’ll make this site look amazing. While my free time is very limited and I’m more of a developer rather than a designer, I would love to assist you with this project. You may also find Eldar Gezalov’s Blocs Master for Blocs 3 Tutorials extremely helpful.

As he says, your home page looks really good. When i clicked your link i saw a good website, try to get the other pages to bring the same feeling. I am just starting with blocs, and having made such a home page would would drive me more doing the rest of the website…

But well i am just starting so what do i know…:smiley:

You know that you’re replying to a topic from May 2020? The site was meanwhile completed / redesigned by our beloved Pete @PeteSharp :grin:

I was wondering - looks awesome to me!

Great website ! but also impressive is the Beat Saber!!! - very impressive !! I am on the lower levels…but such a great VR game!