I need help designing a forum

So I was scrolling down through the ‘Bult With Blocs’ section and I came across this website (http://consyncdigital.com/quote.html) which is created by @mackyangeles , And I was wondering how to create a forum like how it is in the website.

  1. How is the forum centred in the middle?
  2. How is a shadow added behind the forum?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gadusidup, for this form what I did is to use the Form Brick then placed it inside the panel then added a custom class to achieve the shadow effect. You can play around with shadows and other create manner using custom classes! You should start by using those. Blocs is very easy to work with and like other platform you can learn by doing trial and error plus adventure to explore the app. My friend @Eldar has an awesome resources that could help you expand and even introduce you to a much higher idea on how to create awesome websites with Blocs :blush: if you have questions you can drop me a message here and I’ll try my best to give you step by step tutorial. Hehe

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Wow man! Thanks, you are such a help :slight_smile:
I will definitely check out @Eldar.
I will probably have some more questions later on, but for now I just have one.

How did you make the nav bar stick (stay on the top) while you scroll? and how did you add the shadow? Also, are you using just a nav bar, or a hero brick as well?

Thanks again :smiley:

For the navigation… I just used the regular navbar brick then toggled the sticky bar located at the optiom panel. For the shadow I used a custom class to add it :blush:

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Thanks a lot again hahah

Thats all for now haha.
I will probably have more questions tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hey @mackyangeles I have a question hahaha :slight_smile:

How did you manage to position the panels (the ones that are labeled: WEBSITE & APPS, LOGO, etc)?
Like how did you make them all the same width & height & position them perfectly in the middle? I have been trying for hours and I just cant manage.

Thanks again haha :smiley: