I need help with a project, which is not working well for me

Dear friends, receive a cordial greeting from Bogotá Colombia,

I come to you asking for help based on your experiences and knowledge, I am a very new user and fond of web design.

It turns out that I have a project that I did in Blocs 5 and when I uploaded it to the Hosting, I noticed that several links and functions of the page that work well in the previewer when the site is loaded are lost.

This has caused me to have problems with my client who hired me to make the website.

I am looking for help to review the project and correct what is going wrong. I am willing to pay for the time they dedicate to this. It is urgent.

I appreciate your valuable collaboration.



Have you tried uploading it again?

I always upload to a subdomain and test test test with myself, others and then show it to the client and do changes if they are needed then.

Try uploading again and share here maybe? if you can.

Hello, thanks for taking the time to respond.

If I have uploaded it several times and checked and nothing, it works fine for me.

Can you teach me how to share it here?

is this what you mean?

or to share the editable of the project?

I have this. https://proyectomerizaldealarconsas.000webhostapp.com/

hi ya,

Share the URL here as some of the more expert people in this community can see what you have done from that…it might need more diving into.

Hi Adie Jam,
So many thanks


You have various errors in the developer tools. I also notice that you have an unusual domain name with your website on a subdomain of a web host. I suspect that is where your problems are coming from.

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We all start somewhere, and also are all learning. But developing problem solving skills will go a long way in providing paid services.

As mentioned above. The browser inspector tools are your best friend. And learning the basics of html, CSS and JavaScript. Even just understanding the basics can help you problem solve. It’s rather essential if you’re providing a service. Good luck with your journey, we have all learned lessons with our customers :smile:

Each tab loads slowly…maybe the graphics load?
Otherwise I can see most all of the site.

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Great site by the way.

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Hello, @PeteSharp , my friend

Thank you very much for your time to respond and your advice, I am going to start studying the topics you tell me.