I saw the light!

I just wanted to share this:
I have a Blocs Plus license, and I know and use Blocs for some years now. Basically since version 2 when a friend introduced me to the app.
I have nothing but to praise for this piece of software, and the realization that it owes almost nothing to solutions as Framer and others.
I understand the uses and differences of each solutions, the advantages and disavantages, but these late versions of Blocs can deliver a punch in terms of funcionalities, and what you can do with it.
Literally, I felt a while ago that I was pretty limited with Blocs but suddendly was able to do almost everything that Framer, Figma, Sketch can do in terms of design.
I am experimenting a lot with Blocs possibilities. I am working on my website. Constructivism, Bauhaus, Ulm School of Design are my references, and I believe Blocs can deliver what I am envisioning. making me convinced that it was a good bet I did a few years back.
Thank you guys at the development of Blocs, and for making such a powerful tool afordable, without the use of a monthly signature.


Thanks, it’s great to hear and very motivating for myself and the others working on Blocs.

Thanks for taking the time to share this here in the forum.


I can only agree with that - Blocs is great. I’ve been using it since version 1 and it’s really impressive how it has developed over the last few years. And I can’t wait to see what else is coming!