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So I’m using Blocs 2.5V…I love it but I saw a video with all the new Blocs 3 features. It’s so cool. However, I am paying attention to you guys reporting bugs and I have to say that I am saw many in a short time. Many users got many issues. So… I want to wait until there is something very very solid. I don’t take any risks with my projects and my clients. Hopefully Norm will cook it very well and release a neat version.
I am still in the process of learning Blocs and all the cool things that Blocs can do, so I am not in a hurry.
For instance, I would LOVE to have a CMS with Blocs, something simple so my clients could change text and pics, that’s all. That could be AWESOME. Well and other things. I am a designer not a coder so for me tools that help me design a good website are essential. I think I mentioned it before… Blocs more DESIGN oriented tools. @ Blocs’s developers: How long do you think could take to get to that level?

If you’re using 2.5 you can also download trial and use version 3, to give it a try. Not all the feature are there but you can get a better idea.

Blocs 3 has had extensive beta testing but there are always fixes once it’s released to the public. A lot of the trouble users are having are not bugs, it’s such a different version there is a learning curve. It’s vert stable and I don’t think you’ll have many problems with version 3. Once you get use to 3 you won’t want to go back to 2.



V3 is pretty stable, most of the initial issues are regarding migration from v2 projects and folks figuring out new ways to style parts of their sites that have changed in Bootstrap 4.

Patches and fixes are also coming thick and fast. So if you do notice somthing it generally doesn’t take long to see it fixed. 3.0.4 will be available tomorrow.

I’d actually argue version 3 is more stable and reliable than V2 mainly because it has a lot of the under lying tech re-written to make it more stable.


I think you are being too modest Norm. Blocs 3 is a huge step forward over Blocs 2. Sure you hit the odd minor glitch, but it’s turning into a very polished performer and allows you to get stuff done.


I agree. Whilst BLOCS 3 is very different to V2, in terms of features and layout, the underlying basics are the same. It took me maybe at most 2 hours to get used to it. I’ve also found it more stable, less buggy and glitchy. As Norm said, there has been what, 4 updates in the space of just over a week? Not bad. Also this is the base of V3, I’m sure there is a lot more to come in the next few months.


Stable in this life there is nothing. :slight_smile:

What is certain is that @Norm has done and is doing a great job. The project, is a living project, scalable and changeable in time, the error is to think that there will be a final version, totally fail-safe, because that does not exist.

What’s more, programs like blocs offer you a base, or in their flaws tools, that each one will use in their judgment and under their experience, acquiring totally different functionalities and an unlimited experience for all of us.

I consider as many of us who form this community, that the investment without hesitation, is worth it.

Do not be afraid, we are many to help us achieve success.

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Well it’s a big ask to effectively expect blocsapp also to be wordpress-like as well.

Blocsapp will never have enough design tools. Designers are never satisfied.

It’s better to use the tools that are available rather than the tools that you wish you had but don’t exist. You will wait forever.


I’m not saying the Blocs should be like Wordpress… I dislike Wordpress. I am just saying that maybe norm could make a CMS that can work with Blocs, like let’s say Blocs CMS.

About "It’s better to use the tools that are available rather than the tools that you wish you had but don’t exist. You will wait forever."**
Why not? why can’t Blocs become more user friendly towards designers? is it really too much to ask? I think designers are a big target for Blocs. Coders have many tools to make a website but designers don’t. I use Blocs because I see it as a good option but it could be great to see some tools that designers could use to make great websites.

I think Paul is trying to make the point, why wait when you can start using Blocs now.

The way designers think and work is going to change, you can see it happening in design tools like Sketch and Framer already. They are introducing more restrained box-model/flex like systems. Interface design tools that work with real code are coming and I’m confident this is going to be the next big thing.

But just to clarify I agree, I want a more friendly design-like experience for Blocs, but it’s an extremely complex task to generate quality code (which should always come first). But the definition of design-like is also going to change over the next 4 years, so it’s going to be fun. :crazy_face:


OK, so you want a CMS but dislike wordpress which is a design system built around a CMS, so how specifically would you see blocs interacting with a CMS. What is it that you don’t like about wordpress that you think could be addressed by Blocs? Blocs already has CMS integration so what’s the problem?

I would say that Blocs is becoming more friendly towards designers. It’s not too much to ask but what exactly that means is different according to whoever you speak to.

I think anyone wanting changes to any form of software and specifically apps like blocsapp, should be as specific in their requests as possible because vague suggestions rarely result in changes that anyone is happy with.

I am primarily a developer but have spent quite a bit of time as a freelancer working at design houses with designers making their designs come to life, increasingly with dynamic behaviour rather than static design. Invariably I come across designers that don’t fully understand the big difference between a static fixed canvas and one that is of a size and shape that they cannot control and is always not the size and shape they designed for. This is the challenge for apps like blocsapp - designers/ordinary people used to working with graphic design programs or word processors that have few of the challenges that a fluid canvas has.

In my time working with professional designers I have seen tantrums over designs being a pixel out or not fulfilling their vision despite being totally impractical for the average device their users will be using on the internet.

There’s one thing that really annoys many designers and that’s the client who knows what they want but are unable to articulate that in any detail. They reject design after design because they can’t communicate and the designer just thinks they don’t know what they want. As a developer I can feel the same thing about users that want changes to software but don’t really spend the time to articulate in any detail what those changes are. I understand why designers are frustrated and designers should go that step further in their own articulation when software isn’t working as they wish.

I don’t speak for Norm. I suspect that Norm doesn’t have the luxury that I had as a developer in corporate environments, embedded with the user community getting feedback and being able to get to try out ideas on users before production happens.


I think never.


As they say never say never huh ? (link to your own thread)

You should understand that Blocs 3 was an advancement so further things can occur moving forward. I am sure Norm appreciates your support and confidence, so thanks for stopping back by and posting after a year and sharing your thoughts. I am sure @norm will find motivation in it regardless.