I want delete this

Sure, here’s the translation:

I have removed the unnecessary ‘ext’ that was no longer needed. However, when exporting, these descriptions remain in the ‘end of the HTML document’, ‘css’, and ‘js’ files, and we cannot delete them. If anyone knows how to remove them, please let us know.


Have you checked all of your page attachments. If this is an older project moved through versions of Blocs, the links may remain even when the Bric is removed (This has been fixed in newer versions of Blocs but its not a fix that is back ported to older migrated projects).

Does that mean "having to rearrange page content anew even after the update release?

It means looking here on pages that show this jplayer.min.js file and checking page attachments for the file.

Ok, I’ll check it.

I couldn’t delete it in ‘page setting,’ but when I deleted it in ‘project setting,’ it disappeared. Thank you.


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