Icon classes not being picked up

Hi @Norm,

I am having issues with icon classes not being picked up in the HTML of a Custom Bric. Font Awesome will in most cases work, but Ionicons and Feather are problematic.

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I’m having similar issues with Font Awesome. Especially when the an icon is wrapped in a span it often does not load. Even when icons are used on multiple pages. Adding the font-awesome .js file manually solves the issue but it slows down loading speed of the pages. I’m using for 99% at the moment Bootstrap Icons. I load them from cdn.jsdeliver and have zero issues.


Any help with this please? Font Awesome icons are being recognised fine, the other icon sets are not working. The icons show on the canvas, but not preview.

Do they show when published online? i.e is it only a Blocs preview issue.

Should be the same result in theory.

Never mind I can’t keep waiting. I’ve incorporated Bootstrap icons. Which are rather nice instead.

I’ve had one or two experiences in Blocs previously where something didn’t show in preview but was OK on a published website. Obviously there is a problem here but that may be worth checking.

I’ve replaced all the code :grinning:

In the case you describe it’s possible the missing assets are still on the server.