Icon dropdown menu


Hi, I would like to build a multi language page. in the navigation menu should i use a icon (world) or a image to open the dropdown menu. Is this is not possible in blocs? anyone has a solution?


Why not switch between different pages/menus dependant on the chosen language?


sorry for the misunderstanding. i would like to change a word into a icon for choosing the different languages.
I need a dropdown menu with an icon or image only.

I need a dropdown menu with an icon or image only.



Just add the image bric inside the dropdown and put an image of a flag you want there. I think this video was showing something similar, but not for dropdown menu.



Hi Eldar, thanks for your video. I know this solution. But my website will have more than 5 languages. So i do not want to have 5 flags or more in the navigation bar. why is it not possible to get a dropdown for an icon? it should not be a problem.



Yes, what I am saying is you can use the same technique shown in a video to insert the images into the dropdown menu.

Obiviously, you can add a custom class to all flags and resize and align them as you wish.