Icon next to text inline

Please help.

It is a header
How to have icon next to text like on the picture? Spent an hour still can’t figure out. Please help.

You can use the paragraph+icon bric and than fiddle around with the settings.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-06 um 12.25.28

@pixelwork it does not work

I need the icon to be next to the last word. This bric do not work when do the heading in 2 lines

You could try with two lines

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Hi @maxego. Just enter a ‘space’, wrap it into a span and add the Fontawesome class of the icon you wish to add.
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Fontawesome classes can be found here:


@Jerry Very cool :vulcan_salute:

@pixelwork @Jerry ohh thank you very much guys! It works for me!!!

@Jerry it works perfectly! Thank you again!

Great advice. Thanks!