Iconic Gallery Bric - Version 1.2.0 Update



Yes, obviously I cannot compete with @Norm 's icon design but HEY :wave: it’s a try :joy:


Waiting, very patiently, for your gallery…

Rich the Weather Guy

You’re like me. I don’t spend much time on it at all.

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Hi there I clicked on demo link several times and its a list of gallery types but no demos.
like so
Justified Grid - Photoswipe Lightbox

Masonry Grid - Photoswipe Lightbox

Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve now updated the demo site with different grid / lightbox / theme / caption combinations.



Very nice!!! just what I will need

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I am very curious about this bric. Hopefully it also supports “bulk import”; the possibility to import a lot of pictures at once.

It will “only” support bulk import, see

I will read image files (jpeg, webp) from a server side folder and displays them in a gallery. All image files will only be located on the online server. You’ll still be able to preview galleries inside Blocs preview.


Either FTP or RM


Hey Jannis,

So everybody’s “chompin’ at the bit” to get this awesome Bric! Me too :slight_smile:
Got a question, though: Is it possible to add links to the images? For example, in the Bootstrap carousel version?

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Everyone is waiting with excitement… but I know it’s almost ready…

As images are going to be dynamically picked up I would assume no.

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I’ll double check this. In the beginning maybe if you add it to the caption text (stored inside the image).

In a later update I’ll introduce an easier way to add captions for images in a CSV file, which then could also include a link column.

Would you like to see these links only for the carousel or also for the image thumbnail grid?

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This looks brilliant - just what I need for my photography site.

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The first version is ready, I still have to make sure to cover all documentation and tutorial videos. So a bit patience please :pray:


Any news about the bric …?

Still trying to squeeze in the documentation until year end. Thanks.


You can do it!! We all support you!!

Well, I pulled the trigger as I saw that Iconic Gallery is now available for purchase, although the documentation is not yet present. Even without the documentation I’ve been able to generate a gallery and play around with the various types of galleries and it has picked up my captions from the meta data in the images.
Look forward to using this in a couple of websites that I’m planning on exploring redesigning (former RW sites) / rebuilding over the Christmas / New Year period. I know that @Jannis does a great job (already a customer of the Volt CMS), and that the documentation and features will grow with time. Thanks @Jannis.